Saturday, January 2, 2021

The State of the United States

While flying from Denver to Atlanta traveling from the family Christmas event in Phoenix, I looked out the plane window and was awed by the geometric shapes of land on the ground. A mishmash of concentric circles, squares and rectangles of land. They sun was  bright and bold. 

As we continued in flight, I noticed a shadow coming over the surface of the earth as going from light to dark: 

We continued flying and the clouds got thicker then thinned out for a bit. 

After this I continued looking and the clouds beneath us got thicker: 

As I sit here in my window seat on our Southwest flight, I'm asking the Lord what this means. Here is what I believe He is saying to me:

The world as you knew it was bright and sunny. Things were moving along well as expected. A change is coming that feels like darkness is overtaking the land (the shadow I saw). It will seem dark for a time and there will be trouble.

Things will look brighter as the trouble thins out for a time (I looked and saw that the clouds were thinning out and sun was getting through). 

Here is what I believe the Lord was saying to me: It will get darker but as you are flying above the clouds now, note that above the clouds and trouble, there is always light that comes from Me. I am your source of strength and endurance in this time. You need not worry. I will sustain and protect those I love and that love Me. You need to rise up above the darkness and remain in the light. 

Like you are now above the clouds, I will keep you secure and safe while the world ignores the signs of the times. Continue to be a light to the world and you will be saved. 

Are you a light in the darkness of this world?

Friday, December 18, 2020

Dealing with Frustration

Good Morning!

I needed to get back to my weak, lame blog since it's the only place that I can call home these days without fear of getting banned or my post not being seen by those that need it. 

I am writing today about frustration. You've felt it. Either at work or at home or even while driving in public.  Maybe it's a boss or your spouse or child. Frustration is common to the human race. It's really part of life. The question, however, is how do you deal with it? What can make things better?

I don't claim to know much and this is one area where I am weak. Currently, I am in a place of utter frustration. It seems that no matter what I do in this situation, nothing is good enough and nothing is right. All of my flaws are amplified. 

One thing that came to me this morning was Isaiah 12:2- "God is my salvation. I will trust and not be afraid." This spoke volumes to me. 

When you are stuck in a situation that seems impossible and the only way out is to walk away, trust. Trust in the one who is the Savior of your soul. Trust in His provision, His love, His power and, most importantly, His ability to get you through your current circumstance. 

Yep, I'm talking to myself too.

According to Strong's Concordance (which helps you understand Hebrew words in context and their meaning), the Hebrew word for salvation is:


Not surprisingly, that is Jesus' name in Hebrew. Yeshua (in English transliteration). Jesus is your Savior (and mine).  He is always there for you to lean on, trust in and hang onto. 

When we turn to Him, our fears melt away so we can truly shine and be all that God has called us to be. THAT is how you deal with frustration. 

When we lean on Jesus, the frustration takes second fiddle to His power. Trust in Jesus with your frustration and He will deliver.