Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hearing God for Yourself, Part III

Hearing God's voice is an honor. It is something that we should all look forward to as His children. It is not something to be taken lightly. When He speaks, it is crucial not only to our happiness and guidance, but it is crucial to His kingdom mission. God has chosen to use us to reach those who are in need of His voice, those who are hurting, oppressed and, for whatever reason, unable to hear God for themselves. It is crucial for even YOUR spiritual growth to be able to accurately and clearly discern the voice of God in your life. 

There are two crucial things you must do if you are to hear God's voice:

1. Spend time in God's Word, the Bible. Spend time reading, studying and asking God how to apply His word to your every situation in life. He will show you when you earnestly seek Him.

2. Spend time in prayer. You may have heard people say that in war, you are weakest when you are on your knees. When it comes to God's economy, it is the exact opposite: You are strongest when you are on your knees.

When you are in prayer and listening to God, He imparts wisdom to you. He shares the inner things of the Spirit that can only be shared when you are in a vulnerable state like on your knees. Being vulnerable to God means submitting yourself to His will and to His teaching and training. You will learn and grow so much faster when you submit to His ways. He says in Isaiah 55:
"As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts."
Often, when we see things through our own eyes, it is colored by our experiences and our ideas. Since God exists outside of time and space, He is able to see things from an eternal perspective that typically don't make sense to our natural mind.

May I encourage you to spend time reading Isaiah 55 this week and pray over how God would use you to reach others for His glory. If you are not ready yet to do this, you are in a perfect place to be used by Him. When we think we lack knowledge or understanding, we tend to rely on Him more which is a good place to be and often leads to you truly hearing what He really wants you to hear. 

Until next month, blessings to you and may God use you to reach others and spread the Word of Truth. Please comment below and share how He is using you or if you have questions.

In Jesus!